Welcome to Analytics. Seeing is believing. close

Welcome to Analytics.
Gain real-time insights using best practice data visualisation tools and mobile business intelligence.

Data visualisation.

1Sometimes seeing is believing. Bring your existing data to life and gain new insights like never before. You might be sitting on a gold mine without even realising it.

Real-time analytics.

2Whatever is news today will be history tomorrow. Real-time data is relevant data. Discover the latest trends using world-class business intelligence software.

Secure mobile BI.

3Mobile business intelligence means you never spend more time at the office than you need to. Access interactive company dashboards on your iPad.

Self-service BI.

4Gone are the days of running to your IT department every time you want a new dashboard. Drag-and-drop software puts you firmly back in control.

Tableau Software offers hundreds of data visualisation types, including heat maps, bar and line charts, maps, lists, pie charts and more.

Why you need Analytics.

Discover why Analytics Business Intelligence is different from other BI Consulting firms and how we can help your company to bridge the divide between data and strategic BI insights.
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Why you will love Tableau.

Tableau wasn’t called the “sweetheart” of BI software tools in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Study for the 3rd year in a row for nothing. Find out why we believe Tableau is the way to go.
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What Tableau users are saying.

Learn why more and more Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and institutions are using Tableau Software to meet their BI needs. Then hear what the data experts have to say.
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Tableau gave us what we needed: an easy-to-learn, data visualization application that could deliver key metrics and KPI’s to virtually all our offices without requiring high levels of IT support.

- Ian Campbell, Ray White

Find out why your business needs Analytics BI.